Boma Class III Kit

In order for a Boma to be considered road legal in the UK, it must first be fitted with the Class III Compliance Kit including headlights, rear lights, indicator lights, hazard lights a horn and rearview mirror.

We can provide kit systems for both handlebar and joystick Boma chairs.
Note: once the Class III kit has been fitted your Boma would have to be insured (minimum third party) and registered with the DVLA. There is no charge for registration and no need to show either a number plate or tax disc. Please contact us if you would like any assistance with this process.

Product Description

Riding a Boma should be a year-round experience; allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in all seasons. In order to see and be seen we have developed the Boma Class III Kit including road lighting and other accessories for compliance with DVLA regulations.

Two powerful LED front lights provide a wide-angle spread of light, allowing you to keep out on the trail and keep seen on the road home. Rear lights and hazard/indicator lights make others around you aware.
I think it are available from both handlebar and joystick Boma versions.