June Offer – Boma plus Trailer equals Adventure

Thinking about purchasing a Boma7 All Terrain wheelchair?

MoltonRock-150715-21875-018Take advantage of our June 2016 Offer and really make the most of your purchase; Choose a custom colour for your Boma! It could be anything; metallic blue, custard yellow or maybe just to make it match your favourite team!

Also included will be an Ifor Williams P6E Boma transport trailer (perfect for carrying a Boma, bicycles, picnics things, camping gear and anything else you wish to take holiday). To keep your trailer safe we will also provide security locking.

And the price for this complete adventure package?

£9,500 ex VAT.
(Based on a standard handlebar control Boma)

Once Again That’s:

  • A Boma7 All Terrain Wheelchairp6e-floatation
  • Custom Colour for the Boma.
  • Ifor Williams P6E Transport trailer complete with;
  • Waterproof Boma transport cover,
  • Trailer Security lock.

What more could you ask for?

Please contact us at sales@MoltenRock.co.uk  for more information or contact the office directly on (01908) 585648 (UK landline).
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